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09:40pm 14/07/2010
  Posting to keep community current and prevent it from being purged.  


Hi to all my Castleton Friends! 
02:14pm 08/01/2009
  Just wanted to greet everyone here properly... and say how happy I am that Willie's Wenches will be coming to OKRF for a full run. Can't wait for May! :)

Hearts and stuff and things,


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Renaissance Cruise 
07:19pm 18/03/2007
   Sail on the first annual SeaFaire Cruise, Renaissance
Faire at Sea on Saturday, April 19, 2008. We will be
sailing aboard the brand new Carnival Freedom leaving
from Miami on a 7 night cruise to the Exotic Eastern
Caribbean porting in St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk
and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.

Craig of Farrington, Wyldefyre and Ivanovich will be
joining us to perform private concerts open only to
our group. We will have an open bar meet and greet,
and other Ren-related activities such as formal garbed
group dinners, songs under the stars, and an open bar
pub sing. We will also be offering group shore

As of now the approximate cost for the cruise is:

Inside cabin  $800 per person
Outside cabin $900 per person
Balcony cabin $1100 per person

All accommodations, food, and entertainment is
included in the above price. Also included in the
price is a $50 shipboard credit per cabin, 8 X 10
group photo, commemorative T-shirt, pin and program.

In addition there will be a charge of $70 per person
for tips (for the cruise line-not for us). There is
also optional insurance coverage that can be
purchased.  There are no hidden charges.

We have 24 cabins held at this rate. Believe it or
not, Carnival increased their prices by $100 a person
in just one day. So as of now, we can only guarantee
this rate to first 24 cabins that book. If you know of
anyone who wants to sail with us, they need to get
their deposit in as soon as possible.

Please check out our web site at SeaFaire.net



A request 
10:04pm 24/02/2007
  You know those incredibly detailed character backgrounds that you have to create for Academy?

Post them here!

Think what interesting reading that would be, how much more you would get to know each of your fellow cast member's characters, and how useful it would be in years to come.

Post yours, and then encourage everyone else to post theirs.

KCRF posts some of their cast members profiles on their website, and it is incredible interesting to learn the depths and past of each character.

Please, share the inner most workings of your character here!


First shot 
07:16pm 19/06/2006
  Ok I had to try and see what happens. Well thats all for now.  

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New layout? 
01:57am 02/06/2006
  WHOA! thought I posted this in the right place the first time!

If anyone can come up with a good new layout for this community, it would be wonderful! Leave a comment if you would like to do it.

{It would be nice if the layout kept with the theme of "renaissance" and did not have a hediously repeating background like this one does (I was new to html when this was made). Tiles are fine, big repeating images aren't. Also, please don't choose bright, eat your eyeball colors. Other than that, have fun!}

Don't feel obligated, but it would be nice.

And we only have one more weekend of this amazing season!

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05:42pm 01/05/2006
mood: energetic
Hey! So, sorry for the tragical neglect of this community. Actually, I never really gave it any thought at all because I started it with a friend in our first year of the splendiferous OKRF. And now there are a lot more people on it.

Well, just updating everyone to know that I FINALLY switched the "maintainer" over to my three-month old *new* livejournal name. This is "Hush," by the way, not sure if everyone knew that. But yes, the community finally has a mommy again! Rejoice!

And, as if you haven't heard it a million times before on the Yahoo group, this year's cast, crew, and directors are absolutely amazing. The 2006 OKRF will be fantastic!


02:46pm 04/11/2005
mood: sick
Finally got accepted in! Buwahaha! Kelin here, greetings to the masses...Erm...That's about all I have to say right about now. I'm sick so not in a real talkative mood as far as the computer goes...Just needed to check all my stuff. ^__^;

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Death and Such 
06:12pm 08/01/2005
  Aw, the community died. This is sad.  

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Mild Apology 
10:49pm 12/06/2004
mood: awake
sorry to anyone who's actually been keeping up. i finally decided to get the community up and running (thanks, roxy, for the motivation). i've been busy staying in contact with some of you, going back and forth between my parents' houses, and keeping up with outside of faire friends (you mean there's life outside of faire!?). anyway, just posting to say this community is up. . . yay!
also, i'm curious to know how sedalia was. comments?